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After a unintended blog break

Yes it has been weeks since I've been here.  Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging. Nothing dramatic but it started with some computer issues ( a virus...), a few very hot summer days and after that I had vacation. Time spent with fun things, family and just being at home.
In between I also started a course and that means; to study. No classes but at home. It also means a bit of discipline and stick to the schedule. Besides a full time job; study on tuesday and thursday evening and early sunday morning. But there is also a husband, sons, a house, the never-ending pile of laundry and you get the picture. I also have to get a bit of sleep:) It took me a while to adapt to a busy schedule; now I am here to submit a tag and I hope to have some time for blog visits soon.  I was able to to follow a  few of you through Facebook and I will be leaving comments if I have time. It's not a matter of not being interested but besides blogging I also want to make a few things myself :) …